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Apioneering architecture and interior design firm based in Milan – Italy, UGARIT is fully equipped to create the exact plan for your buildings interiors& exteriors. Our academic credentials, hands-on experience, talented team, and design perspective conspire to create beautiful, functional, and lasting designs. UGARIT has designed residential buildings, Palaces, and Villas region-wide.


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UGARIT was founded in Milan – Italy in 1998 by Arch. Ali Jihad. Led by its founder, and ever since its establishment, UGARIT has been delivering creative design after design, on-time and on-budget. UGARIT today is a leading provider of architectural and interior design services in Italy, in addition to securing execution in both fields. Apart from Milan – Italy, UGARIT projects distanceEurope, UAE and Qatar cities. UGARIT has an organic reputation for excellence, rooted in customer satisfaction and growing through the value its designs create for their end users.

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Ugarit – Luxury Furniture

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We in UGARIT are committed to the mission of making our distinct mark in architectural and interior design, as a leading company in the Europe and Middle Eastern market. Our vision is to go global, by creating landmark projects that lend some of our culture’s characteristics to the international market, and by borrowing from foreign cultures, in order to create a state of mutual cooperation. UGARIT will grow by developing outstanding design concepts and by constantly enriching its team’s professional experience. This will result in landing larger contracts, increasing our market share, and expanding our regional branch network.

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